Who We Are

We are a B2B tendering platform with unique tendering solutions.

Our mission is to build the biggest, easiest to use, tendering platform worldwide. All businesses, of all sizes, around the world should have the opportunity to find and win contracts.

For tenderers

For tenderers the platform is completely free: Sign up now

You can use the tendering platform functionality for free: create tenders, review bids, etc.

The only one who pays is the contractor who wins your tender's lot(s).

For bidders (contractors/suppliers)

The platform is free for all bidders to search for tenders.

Bidders who bid only have to pay a fee for lots they are awarded, otherwise there is no charge!

You can see a breakdown of our fees at any point when bidding on lots.

Contract values

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Ireland : Swords - Panel vans


Value: 420,000 Euro

United Kingdom : Rotherham - Electrical installation work

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Value: 400,000 Pound Sterling

United Kingdom : London - Road transport services

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Value: Not specified

Norway : Oslo - Search and rescue helicopters


Value: Not specified

Norway : Bergen - Environmental services


Value: Not specified