Affiliate programme - earn money together with us.

Our Mission

We want to create the biggest, most cost-effective and user-friendly private tendering market in the world.


We are giving you the opportunity to earn money together with us.
Bring private tenderers to our website and we will share 30% of the fees generated by winning bids for all tenders issued by that tenderer!

* You may acquire as many tenderers as you want.
A tenderers lot(s) needs to be won and the fee paid to us by any bidder to qualify.
When a bidder wins tender and pays us our fee, we will share 30% of it with you in the 1st year.
We will share 20% in 2nd year for all tenders published, won and paid by anyone you've onboarded.
As an affiliate, you must comply with anti-bribery and anti-corruption acts for your country.
When bringing tenderers to our website you must comply with the UK Anti-Bribery Act 2010, and you must not offer any financial or non-financial rewards to tenderers for joining our portal.

Full terms and conditions for affiliate partners are sent via email.
The number of affiliate agents we can let into the programme is limited.

Make our success yours!


1st year


2nd year


3rd year


4th and 5th year


To join our programme or in case of any questions please contact us.
trans "*After you apply for our programme we will review your application and notify you about our decision via email." %}


Tenderer- organization / company who creates tenders - requests for bidding.
Bidder - contractor / supplier who bids on tenders.

Information for affiliates - how to advertise the portal to copmanies.

The portal is completely free for tenderers for any number of tenders.
It's free to use for bidders/suppliers until they win a tender/lot.
The only party who pays is bidder/supplier who has won a tender/lot.
Unsuccessful bidders/suppliers don't pay a thing.
Our fees for bidders/suppliers who have won a tender: fees table.