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The Project is being promoted by Renfrewshire Council as part of the Strategic Housing Investment Plan and Local Housing Strategy for Renfrewshire.

The works consist of the construction of 95 new build Council homes (together with associated landscaping and infrastructure) within the Johnstone Castle area. The Development shall replace the existing Council tenements which occupied the site, whilst retaining the existing community.


The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement
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2017/S 207-426901
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30 Jun 2018

0 days remaining

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GBP 13.0 million


United Kingdom, Paisley



GBP 13.0 million

The Works required within the project shall be undertaken on a phased programme of works to enable demolition and site clearance of existing tenements (carried out by the Council) within later phases of the Development. On appointment site A (19 Units) and site B (29 Units) will be available for construction with site D (14 Units) available for construction from January 2019. Site C (26 Units) and site E (7 Units) each have one remaining owner; a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) process is underway to obtain ownership to enable site clearance. With Scottish Ministers having approved the CPO, ownership of these properties is expected in January 2019. Allowing for 1 year for site clearance and investigations, access for sites C and E is expected to be January 2019. Whilst it is expected sites C and E will progress and be included within the ITT, the Council reserves the right to reduce or remove these sites should the CPO process be unsuccessful. Alternatively, the Council reserves the right to enter into further discussions with the Principal Contractor in relation to the start date for sites C and E should the CPO process be unsuccessful. Demolition (including foundations) and site clearance of sites C, D and E will be carried out by the Council ahead of site handover.

Works that are required to be undertaken within the project include but are not limited to:

— design and Build of 95 Nº New Build homes,

— novation of the Council’s appointed Design Team,

— completion of Stage 2 warrant process,

— construction of retaining walls,

— external works including driveways, front and back gardens, road and pavement resurfacing,

— utility and Drainage connections,

— installation of kitchen and bathroom fittings,

— accessible use fittings to Wheelchair Bungalow properties, (2 Nº)

— site Investigations of Sites C, D and E,

— considerate Constructor Scheme Compliance,

— engagement with local community, resident groups and school (Open days, Newsletters etc.),

— site security through SIA certified contractor,

— traffic Management (In co-ordination with demolition contractor),

— provide Tenant Manual / Information Pack and Training / Demonstration to tenants and Council staff.

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60 %


40 %


Norway : Oslo - Construction work


Value: Not specified

Norway : Stord - Air filters


Value: 6.6 million Norwegian Krone

United Kingdom : Swindon - Dock construction work

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Value: 500,000 Pound Sterling

United Kingdom : Darlington - Construction work

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Value: 20.0 million Pound Sterling

United Kingdom : Belfast - Facilities management services

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Value: 4.0 million Pound Sterling

United Kingdom : Holywood - Building construction work

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Value: 3.5 million Pound Sterling

Norway : Oslo - Lifts


Value: 4.5 million Norwegian Krone