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Tender description

To realize a fast turnaround from lithographic pattern design to pattern on a substrate, EMFT is looking for an equipment for direct exposure of photo resists per-formed with sequentially writing. Distinct from a glass mask exposure, the equipment must be able to align the layer under exposure relative to an underlying layer, which is carrying alignment marks. The wavelength selection of the equipment must fit to the standard resist available on the market.

To this purpose, the equipment needs the capability to handle different sample sizes and shapes. This can be done as single substrate application by an operator or by a substrate handling robot as part of the equipment.

Legal, economic, financial and technical information

Contract performance conditions
In the event that subcontractors are used, they must be named and their suitability is likewise to be substantiated on the basis of the listed documents under III.1). Furthermore, it must be confirmed that they will be available if the order is placed; their share in the scope of the contractual object must be stated.
List and brief description of selection criteria

1) Company profile.

2) At least three references of realisations of special customer requirements that were different from standard devices (minimum information: name of the clients and contacts including contact data). If, for reasons of data protection, you are not allowed to name your contact persons, please categorise your client (research, industry, other public clients).

List and brief description of conditions
The documents listed in the following must be presented in full with the tender. Incomplete documents could lead to exclusion from the procedure.
List and brief description of selection criteria

1) Designation of the company revenue for the last three business years.

2) Self-declaration regarding the absence of exclusion criteria pursuant to § 123 and § 124 of the German Act Against Restraints of Competition (GWB).


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Vergabekammer des Bundes beim Bundeskartellamt

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Date of dispatch of this notice
This is a recurrent procurement
Additional information

Request of documents — available at: the award documents can be retrieved exclusively through the award portal of the German eVergabe at With the tender submission, contenders are also subject to the provisions regarding unsuccessful tenders (§134 GWB [German Act Against Restraints of Competition]). Questions or remarks from the tenderer must be sent, in English only, exclusively via email to the contact point named under No. I.1. As far as relevant, responses to the questions or remarks of the tenderer shall also be sent to all other tenderers.

Pursuant to section 9 Par. 3 S. 2 VgV (German public procurement regulation), the contract notice and the award documents are available to you at the German eVergabe with or without registration.

Please note that registration is required for requests to participate, tender submissions and tenderer questions.

We therefore recommend early registration, also in order to receive any tenderer information; you otherwise bear the risk of possible tender exclusion.

Precise information on deadline(s) for review procedures
(GWB [German Act Against Restraints of Competition]). A request for review is additionally inadmissible if the contract has been awarded before the Vergabekammer (procurement review authority) has informed the ordering party of the request for review (§§ 168 Par. 2 Clause 1, 169 Par. 1 GWB). The award of the contract is possible 15 calendar days after the dispatch of the tenderer information pursuant to § 134 Par. 1 GWB. If the information is sent electronically or via fax, this time period is reduced to ten calendar days (§ 134 Par. 2 GWB). The time period begins on the day after the dispatch of the information by the ordering party; the day on which it is received at the concerned tenderer and applicant is not relevant. The admissibility of a request for review furthermore presupposes that a complaint has been made to the ordering party with regard to the asserted procurement violations within 10 days after knowledge was obtained of it(§ 160 Par. 3 Clause 1 No 1 GWB). Complaints regarding violations of procurement rules that are apparent on the basis of the announcement must be made to the ordering party before the expiration of the time period named in the announcement for the application or for the tendering (§ 160 Par. 3 Clause 1 No 1 GWB). Complaints regarding violations of procurement rules that do not become apparent until appearing in the award documents must be made to the ordering party no later than by the expiration of the time period for the application or for the tendering (§ 160 Par. 3 Clause 1 No 1 GWB).
Service from which information about the review procedure may be obtained

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. über Vergabeportal eVergabe

Hansastraße 27c



[email protected]

Main CPV code 42990000

Bidding information

Bidding deadline

12 Aug 2020

0 days remaining

Total estimated value

Not specified


Germany, Munich



EUR Not specified


Main site or place of performance

80686 München.

Description of options

Please refer to point eight of the procurement description.


United Kingdom : Edinburgh - Medical equipments

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Value: Not specified

Norway : Lillestrøm - Cleaning and polishing products


Value: 71.0 million Norwegian Krone

Germany : Hardthausen - Gas generators


Value: Not specified

United Kingdom : Hertford - Computer-related services

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Value: 220,000 Pound Sterling

United Kingdom : London - Web page editing software development services

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Value: 212,250 Pound Sterling

Norway : Odda - Snow-clearing services


Value: 28.8 million Norwegian Krone

Norway : Oslo - IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support


Value: 28.0 million Norwegian Krone