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This tender relates to the purchase of cages for metabolic, behavioral and physiological phenotyping of mice (metabolic cages).The). The cages will be implemented at the Biomedical laboratory at SDU, where they will be available for all research groups at SDU and Odense Universitets Hospital (OUH) upon request and prior training. The metabolic cages will be purchased with the direct purpose of supporting the research in the newly established Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue Plasticity (ATLAS) funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, and Foundation and be an integrated part of the research in the Functional Genomics and Metabolism Research Unit at SDU.

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The purpose of this tender is to purchase a system with 16 metabolic cages that allow measurements of metabolic responses such as high resolution open-circuit indirect calorimetry, measurement of liquid and food intake and body weight, and registration of locomotor activity etc. The system must be supporting a variety of different studies within the field of metabolic research i.e. the systems must allow circadian studies, studies of metabolism during cold challenges/thermoneutrality, chemogenic studies, pharmacological studies with acute changes in locomotor activity, neurobehavioural analyses etc. It is important that the system of metabolic cages allows this kind of studies and can be upgraded with additional add-ons that increases the functionality of the system e.g. a telemetry module that allows physiological tests, thereby increasing the number of possible users of the cages at SDU. To support the before mentioned studies, the cages must provide a home-cage environment for the mice. It is furthermore important that the metabolic cages are housed in dedicated climate chambers that allows specific and programmable control of the housing climate and light cycles and protects the mice against sounds and light from the surroundings. Furthermore, it is important that the climate chambers support animal welfare by complying with the European FELASA guidelines. It is of outermost importance that the metabolic phenotyping of mice in the cages can be conducted with a minimum of human intervention to reduce stress and facilitate high sensitivity and reproducibility of the studies conducted. Finally, it is important that the delivering company can provide comprehensive after-sales support with short response time and personal support on installation site, this to optimize study efficiency and reduce the number of animals wasted due to unfunctional equipment.


Finland : Aalto - Industrial machinery


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United Kingdom : Sheffield - Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses)

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Norway : Lysaker - Marketing management consultancy services


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