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Efficiency East Midlands Ltd (EEM) on behalf of its members and those other organisations entitled to use its services as a central purchasing body invites you to qualify for a place on our Dynamic Purchasing System ref — DPS0002 for Modular Buildings.

The Dynamic Purchasing System will be used for the building of Modular Homes for EEM Members, the estimated quantity of the purchases to be made using this Dynamic Purchasing System are from 5 000 000 to 1 500 000 000. It is intended that the Dynamic Purchasing System will have an initial run time of 5 years with an end date of 30.6.2023 and during this period it will be necessary to refresh or renew update replace and supplement certain documents. Additionally, during the life of the Dynamic Purchasing System new organisations will be admitted to it in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (or successor legislation).

Legal, economic, financial and technical information

Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents


The procurement involves the setting up of a dynamic purchasing system
Languages in which projects or requests to participate may be drawn up
Type of contest
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The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement

Complementary information

Additional information

In order to obtain information for this tender log on to the Geometra Systems Portal as follows:

If not already registered follow Point 1 otherwise follow Point 6:

1) click the link https://portal.geometrasystems.co.uk/dps

2) click the link “Supplier Registration Form”;

3) complete your Account Information and click the “Register” button;

4) you will receive an email with a link enabling you to create a password;

5) create your password and you be invited to login;

6) enter your login details at https://portal.geometrasystems.co.uk/Account/Login

7) click “DPS Manager” link in middle of screen;

8) click “Browse Active DPS / Submit and Review Applications” link;

9) select the appropriate DPS (EEM Modular Homes DPS). Follow the links to complete your application and click the “submit” link.

You can login multiple times to complete your entry prior to submitting by using the “save and submit later” link.

Review body

Royal Courts of Justice



Date of dispatch of this notice
Service from which information about the review procedure may be obtained

The Cabinet Office



Body responsible for mediation procedures

Royal Courts of Justice



This is a recurrent procurement
No Main CPV code 44211100

Bidding information

Bidding deadline

31 May 2023

1504 days remaining

Total estimated value

GBP 1.5 billion


United Kingdom, Alfreton



GBP 1.5 billion

Efficiency East Midlands Ltd (EEM) is a procurement consortia which establishes and manages a range of procurement routes for our members including frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems. Our members include Social Housing Providers, Local Authorities, Universities, NHS Trusts and regional Police Forces.

EEM is looking to create a list of approved Manufacturers who can deliver a range of consistently high-quality, energy efficient modular homes. Homes should be able to be clad in a wide range of traditional and contemporary external finishes to meet the requirements of the Member and surrounding area and offer a range of rooflines. Properties should be delivered to site:

— fully insulated — external and internal / party walls, floors and roofs,

— internal partitions erected,

— windows and doors fitted,

— all internal wall, floor and ceiling finishes,

— fully installed kitchen and bathroom(s),

— fully completed electrics, plumbing, heating and ventilation.

All homes must be fully mortgageable and be covered by latent defect and new home warranty through an industry recognised provider. All warranty schemes provided must be recognised and accepted by UK lenders and approved by UK Finance (formally Council of Mortgage Lenders) ensuring that all homes are fully mortgageable.

The procurement process will be run in accordance with the following programme:

— initial DPS return deadline: 8.6.2018,

— First Mini Tenders released from: 25.6.2018,

— DPS end date: 30.6.2023.

The organisations that are successful in being awarded a place on the DPS will be given a “pre-approved” status and will be invited to submit a formal bid when EEM Members have a requirement to contract the manufacture and installation of modular homes. Each application to join the DPS will be reviewed by EEM to ensure the minimum criteria for entry onto the DPS is met. The minimum criteria for entry onto the DPS are detailed in Online Supplier Selection Questionnaire Evaluation.

EEM Members are currently located throughout England and Wales and as such opportunities rising from this DPS will be in various geographical areas. For a full update list of the current EEM members please visit www.eem.org.uk

Please note that the total potential value stated in II.2.6) is for the full 5 year DPS period and takes into consideration that the EEM membership may grow over the life of the DPS period. No guarantees are given for values and volumes.

This DPS is being established by Efficiency East Midlands Limited (“EEM”) on behalf of their members and the other organisations described below as being Authorised Users. The following Contracting Authorities will be entitled to agree and award contracts through the DPS system:

1) any Member of EEM. A full list of current Members is available at www.eem.org.uk

2) any future Member of EEM, and in all cases being an organisation which has applied to join EEM in accordance with the applicable constitutional documents;

3) an EEM Participant being an organisation which is neither a current or EEM Member (as defined at 1 above) nor a Future Member of EEM (as defined at 2 above) based within England and Wales which owns and/or maintains / manages housing stock in one or more geographic area in which it operates and/or is an NHS Trust (which includes Acute Trusts, Mental Trusts, Care Services Trusts and Ambulance Trusts) or organisation, police authority, fire authority, ambulance trust, university, higher education, further education college, school academy or other public sector organisation.






United Kingdom : Seaham - Repair and maintenance services

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Value: Not specified

Norway : Oslo - Construction work


Value: Not specified

Norway : Bergen - Cranes


Value: Not specified

Norway : Lørenskog - Construction work


Value: 110.0 million Norwegian Krone

Norway : Gardermoen - Ventilation installation work


Value: Not specified

Ireland : Limerick - Construction work


Value: 7.0 million Euro

Norway : Oslo - Ventilation installation work


Value: Not specified